I own both DJ PRO and DJP2 purchased on a Mac Book via App Store been working fine no issues. Got a new Mac mini Mojave sign into App Store download DJPro and it installs fine no issues, but when u start the app it goes into a Launch Loop where the Record Icon in the taskbar keeps jumping up and down for about 2 minutes until a dialog box appears saying the app is damaged and needs downloaded and reinstalled.

Deleted App, all traces in Library/Containers, logged out of App Store, Restart, redownload, and it still will not work.

Help Please


Thank you for getting in touch.

I am sorry to hear that.

Can you send us a screenshot of the error?

Lukas E.


We are very sorry to hear that. 

Did you download djay Pro directly off your Purchased Articles account logged to the Apple Id you formerly used to purchased djay Pro?

Also, can you please share your djay version and operating system version with us?


We are sorry for the belated response and the misunderstanding. 

I am sorry to hear that. I assume you also tried to reinstall the application?

Could you also check if this downloaded demo version is working:

Thank you for trying. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

CheersLukas E.

No other app from the app store does this computer is brand new, this is for djpro and 2 after u enter password app goes into restart loop with bouncing record in dock and stealing focus when it tries to start. After 2-3 minutes u get the damaged error.

Is there an official support number or chat to get this resolved so it doesnt drag for days and weeks? I own the software and cannot get it to install on a brand new fresh mac ?

Lukas I am a software Dev ok bud, I have sent you all this information in email, you do not respond, it takes days and days to get a response from Algorddim, and when the responses come its not help, its requests like send us screen shots or videos or did you log in.

Lukas, Yes I logged in, if you actually read the email I send u like 5 of them that takes 2-3 days for u to respond with non help questions that are not troubleshooting related.

Just to go over this again, before I contact apple and ask for a refund because your software clearly doesnt work as intended.

Its a BRAND NEW Mac Mini 2018

Mojave 10.14.6 on the Mac Mini

I have the software currently installed on my Macbook Pro Mojave 10.14.5, it runs fine no issues at all. Just switching to the Mini because its more powerful, only reason I am changing.

Off a brand new install on Mojave, nothing else installed, i sign into app store with yes the ID that i bought the software with, (Had you checked my email vs the records you would clearly have seen that I am a customer and purchased it threw the app store) and I press the little cloud button, it downloads both the apps and installs them fine, but when u go to run them, the first time it runs it asks for the login creds, after I enter the same email as the appstore download, it just sits there attempting to launch the program bouncing record and then eventually times out with the error of being damaged.

I have provided you plenty of details, your company has no real support, its back and forth in 1-2 day period time frames, of which no progress is being made. There is no chat, there is no phone number, there is no live customer service, all there is is the $$$ I am out of for buying 2 of your products that do not work on a brand new MAC.