Custom MIDI Mapping for Djay Pro AI (Mac) like Serato

Djay Pro AI needs MIDI to be similar to SERATO for custom mapping. With Serato, you can click on the MIDI icon, then move any knob, slider or select a button. Its very easy to MIDI map.

Watch whole video or start at 1:46

Hi Oscar,

in djay Pro AI custom midi mappings are also easy by clicking “MiDI > select midi controller mapping” and then each knob on the controller is recognised automatically.

Yes, I think the point was you can put the whole software in midi map mode, select a control, and then touch a button or turn a knob to automatically map that control to what you moved.

So for example, click track 1 volume, move a fader, click track 2 volume, move a slider, etc.

Obviously there are commands that aren’t easy to get at without selecting them in a menu, but there’s a whole lot of things that could be mapped this way.

Mapping a new controller can take forever with a lot of redundant click, choose action, click, choose action, etc


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