Custom preset samples don't save

Djay Pro question here. After saving a newly created sample and navigating to a different sample bank, returning to my preset samples they’re not saved. I can create new buttons in the preset but can’t find a way to really save them. They only seem to be available for the time the newly created preset is available.

And where would that new save option be? #NotIntuitive

Hi there,

have you saved your preset sample bank before moving to another bank?

Thank you in advance.

Lukas E.

Wow! That is NOT intuitive. So, you need to go into Edit mode… change everything you want, then save it as a NEW preset - not create the preset, name it and then edit it - since after that there’s no save option. Goofy at best!

You should have the option to edit the preset after creating it and THEN re-saving.