Customise time on Cue point

I place a cue Point at the first vocal section and also the last, so I know where I can mix out with no vocal clash. I would love it if I could have the first Cue show second into tHe track, but the second cue show seconds remain. So I guess in summary, individually set seconds gone or remain per cue point.

Did you know there is a start and end cue point besides the colored ones?

No, where do I find that?

I hav3 found with the new upgrade you can name the cue points so instead of it saying 3:56, I can rename it to say 0:45.

They are white, well half white/grey

This is how I am tagging tracks, the vocal starts after 1:07 and the last vocal is at 4:52, and that is 49 seconds from the end which means I have 49 seconds of instrumental to mix out.

You should try using Start/End cue points instead.
Once you use these Automix can use those to mix like you do

Thank you. That’s looks very useful.

Also, Instead you can use those colored ones for chorus that repeat throughout the song.
It’s good for bouncing around that track to shorten or lengthen a song.

Here’s an example. Older djay, but same principle.

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