Customizable Keyboard shortcuts

I know the option is there if I hook up a midi controller and map it but it would be nice if there was an actual keyboard shortcut to censor ( even a button in the GUI )

I’d like to be able to customize the keyboard same as the midi controller.


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The keyboard layout is great and very user friendly, however, there are some features that I would never use, yet there are other features (mappable from the midi controller) which I would love to have on the keyboard. Please allow the keyboard to be configured just like the midi controller. You can have a default configuration which is read-only and allow us to make copies of that and modify them to suit our needs.

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Definitely a good idea. We’ll take it into consideration.

An absolute massive yes - I am trying to perform on my keyboard and it is very awkward to perform with the lay out there is right now. I thoroughly understand all the functions are there but it is extremely tedious to perform a proper mix. The BPM sync is not always accurate and having to make minor adjustments on the go whilst trying to find the short cut for the bass cut, and transitioning is not intuitive at all.

Now offcourse, this would be rectified by a purchase of a controller; however, if you can still perform well without the need of an external controller, you will reallly out edge the other software mixers. The features and functionality is already there, if you lay it out properly, then this software will be a serious weapon for any DJ/producer.

For example - I find the most vital and important functions when mixing can be boiled down to these (and this is what you lay out):

Left deck

  • Start stop (1)
  • Cue point (qwe)
  • Set Cue point (alt+qwe)
  • SYNC bpm (2)
  • Push track forward (cmd +4)
  • Push track back (cmd +3)
  • Bass cut (ctrl +x)

This is ideally how I feel it should be laid out (on The Left Deck. Vica versa for right)


  • Start (1)
  • Cue point (alt +1) - this way, when you let go of alt, you automatically start the tune. This is a more natural way of pressing the button.
  • Set Cue Point (cmd + 1) These will make it much easier to put my head around starting a track. It should all focus on the number 1 to take away performance lag.

Push forward - Again, should be one button. Its too much of a hassle to continuously find TWO keys to do one job that you will constantly use. Until sync bpm is absolutely flawless (which it is NOT) you will need to use this function ALOT for a seamless mix. Tap tap tap tap. tap. tap. This needs to be a one button process. Same goes for push backwards (this is the small + - sign equivalent next to the pitch fader)


  • They are all great for adjustments but the only one that seriously seriously needs to be simple is BASS. I want bass cut to be one button too - it’s too important to need another key command to accompany it. It’s a HUGE hassle to find the two keys simultaneously at the right time. Sometimes you need to do that if you are making quick mixes for hip hop/trap whatever.

The lay out right now is still relatively arbitrary in my opinion and can be improved so much more just by putting a smidge of thought in it. All the other functions and shortcuts are great but not in the right place/priority. The ergonomics of the layout should reflect the frequency and importance of the function it represents.

If you don’t agree, that’s cool. But I want to configure mine to be more performance friendly, not playlist dragging in and out.