Customizable Transitions in an Automix Playlist

Hey everybody, I’ll be hosting a party soon but won’t be manually DJing. Does anyone know/have any experience with creating customized transitions between songs in a playlist, and then running that playlist at an event? For example,

  1. song 1 fade out starts at 15 seconds remaining, the transition to song 2 is 8 seconds and completes at a point 14 seconds into song 3 (so we skip the first 6 seconds of song 3 completely)
  2. song 3 fade out starts at 12 seconds remaining, the transition to song 4 is 6 seconds and completes at a point 10 seconds into song 4

and so on for all the 90 songs in the playlist

What I’m trying to do is play a playlist that has unique transitions between each song, but not have to actively be monitoring the transition each time.

Thanks for any help

It would be cool if you could control the selection of random transitions. Some of them are kind of wack.

The Automix transition settings can not be assigned for every individual track. They will be affecting all of your transitions. 
You can set the transition “Style” to “Random” though, to get a different type of transitions for every track.