Customize Display Layout on iPhone

Hello, is it possible to limit the display in djay pro ai to specific sections? I use DVS and have no interest in displaying anything other than something to let me load tracks, and the overall waveform view (or just position on the record) to see where i am in the track. I.e. don’t want to see mixer, bpm display or any other controls. Thanks

Hello @Boyd,

There are a few options for customizing View Layout for djay Pro AI on iPhone.

  1. First of all, if you have hardware connected to your device, you can switch Hardware Mode ON. This will remove things like the Crossfader and Pitch Faders.

  2. Next, with your iPhone rotated into Landscape Mode, I recommend you select the PRO View Mode for the GUI (see above image). This offers the simplest waveform view.

  3. Once in PRO View, you can choose to hide or display the various Performance Modes and Mixer controls using the icons at the bottom. Hiding all of these will provide a clean, mainly waveform, display.

Hey slak_jaw… thanks for that info, that helps

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You’re welcome @Boyd, glad that helped!

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