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La question à été posé il y a quelques années maintenant mais je voulais savoir si c’est toujours d’actualité.

Est ce que le DDJ400 sera compatible nativement avec les utilisateurs android ( samsung ).
Aura t’on une date ?
Et sera t’il possible de ce passer du cable split pour éviter d’envoyer en mono sur le master et de pouvoir utilisé le cue casque normalement ?

Cordialement :slight_smile:

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This question was asked a few years ago but I wanted to know if it’s still relevant.

Will the DDJ400 be natively compatible with android users (samsung).
Will we have a date?
And will it be possible to switch from the split cable to avoid sending in mono on the master and to be able to use the headphone cue normally?

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Hi @Crash,

Thanks for posting to the community for the first time!

At this time, we are still not at liberty to say whether or not the DDJ-400 will become natively supported in djay for Android.

Additionally, I will pass your pre-cueing/audio routing request along to our dev team for further review.

In the future please ensure that posts are made in English so that our other users can read this as well. Thanks so much!

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Unfortunately even the natively supported controllers do not work. This problem has been ongoing for years by the looks of things.

Use the search function on this forum and type in “android headphones” or “android pre-cue” and look at the results it brings up.

Unfortunately I did not know this prior to purchasing my reloop controller. Algoriddims website, reloops website and the information on google play all states that a small number of controllers are compatible with android, however this is not the case.

“Natively supported” controllers such as reloop beatpad, reloop beatpad 2, mixon 4, pioneer wedj all have issues regarding the lack of pre-cue.

I have contacted Algoriddim support and they have acknowledged the problem but haven’t fixed it. We have tried different settings, different OTG adapters all with the same results. They have then suggested that the problem is with the hardware, which I simply cannot believe as so many other android users have also experienced the same problem.

I contacted reloops support team and they told me several times that it is nothing to do with the hardware and have confirmed that it is a known software issue.

Where does that leave people like me and others that have purchased both hardware and software that is completely unusable?

I am now creating a report and forwarding all details to google play so that they can look into the issue. After all, Algoriddim have listed compatible devices on their google play page and in a way are misleading customers.

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