Daytime View And/Or DVS Mode Is Needed ASAP!

In sunlight the IPad is pretty much redundant using Djay
Could you implement a reverse screen
Black - White or something more visible in sunlight
Professional software means professionals use it but a lack of DV’s AND sunlight mode is becoming a non starter and I’ve been using Djay since about 2015

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Battle lost. They don’t hear from this ear
and for someone it is not the future … I am incredulous!

Thank you for sharing your suggestions. We are currently not supporting DVS but added your vote to our issue tracking system.

Regarding your Daytime View mode, thank you for sharing the suggestion. It would be nice to gather further requests for such a mode in this thread.

I agree! I use djay on iPad outdoors during the daylight and the dark interface is unnecessarily hard to see (even under shade). Having to squint at the screen makes me dumb down my sets a lot because I only use the simple portable deck I drag around. If I could see the screen better, it would make my mixes more fun and flexible when outdoors during daytime.

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There is an excellent workaround on iOS that I use. Enabling Invert Colours works great (see below). I use Classic Invert.

You can even add an Accessibility Shortcut so that Classic Invert is enabled with a Tripple Click of the Lock/Unlock button of your iOS device. This is found at the bottom of the Accessibility menu.


Thanks for posting this! It’s not ideal, but it looks like a decent workaround. Too bad Bold Text or Larger Text in these Accessibility settings aren’t supported.

I’m sure to be using this outdoors.

I notice that Color Filters > Greyscale might be a bit more helpful for some because it takes brown tones out of the inverted interface.

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