DDJ-1000 in combination with XDJ-700

Since the DDJ-1000 is natively supported, it’s unable for me to select the XDJ-700 as “external mixer”.

Before the DDJ-1000 was supported, I could use my 2 XDJ-700’s on channel 3 & 4 (with the “line in feature” on my DDJ-1000) and simultaniously I was able to use channel 1 & 2 with recordbox on the same Macbook.

When I connect my XDJ-700 (using the link - midi - deck 1) it asks me If I would like to use the XDJ-700 as external mixer. The button is blue, but the DDJ-1000 button also is blue.

Both my XDJ-700’s and my DDJ-1000 are connected with USB to the same Macbook.

Hi Rik,

Have you selected the two XDJ decks as external mixer decks?
Also do you want to use the 1000 as midi device also?
You don’t necessarily have to connect the DDJ 1000 to your Mac via Midi as well,
connecting the two XDJs would do the trick as well.

Thanks for the reply!
Yes, I selected both the XDJ700’s as external mixer (deck 1 and deck 2) using the link button on my XDJ700 and in the audio configuration in Djay pro.

I am able to control the djay pro app with my XDJ700 but it also activates my DDJ1000 and the sound isn’t routed via the cinch cables.

Is it possible to deactivate the midi functionality of my DDJ1000 for just the djay pro app? The DDJ1000 needs to be connected because I’m using rekordbox simoultaniously!

When I disconnect the USB cable of my DDJ1000 it al works as before (I can control Djay pro with my XDJ700s and the audio comes to channel 3&4 on my mixer (using cinch cables and line in on my DDJ1000). But at that moment I’m unable to use rekordbox (because I disconnected the DDJ1000).

Before the DDJ1000 was officially supported by the Djay pro app, it all worked fine (xdj700’s & ddj1000 connected via USB) and I was able to select only the XDJ’s as external mixer source.

I’ll make a short video where I can demonstrate my problem.

The video!


Watch @ 2:00
I’m unable to only choose the XDJ as audio, DDJ1000 also keeps blue (selected)

No solution yet?

Can I downgrade my app on the mac to a version before the native support for my ddj-1000?