Ddj 1000 srt + djay pro ai?

Hey community, I have a buddy getting rid of his dj gear and one of the things he has is the 1000 srt. I have a rane one which is great but might buy his 1000 srt just to have as a backup. My question is, will the 1000 srt work fully with djay pro ai like plug and play or are there things missing such as features or will it have unusable buttons etc?

Hey G, according to the official Algoriddim website the DDJ 1000 SRT is natively supported so should be plug and play…


Sweet! I guess I’ll have be having a backup just in case. Thanks @maurizio_T !!


Hi @MrG,

I’m pleased to say that the DDJ-1000SRT is natively supported in djay Pro AI for macOS as shown on our DJ Gear page linked below.

Have a nice day!

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Thank you @NathanielAlgo , greatly appreciated!

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