DDJ-1000 SRT Problems in Djay Pro

Hey guys

Just got a 1000SRT from Pioneer in the mail, switched from my SZ2. I’m having some problems with setting the cross fader and track levels. The crossfader is acting as a volume, where the master plays when on the A side and the master mutes when on the B side. Also, the track 1 volume controls the master volume as well. Is there an easy fix for this? The tracks are routed to the correct sides, and the cross fader curve is set to default in the DJay Pro settings.

Hi, Have you tried looking at the Midi Map settings?
I don’t have any experience with the Pioneer 1000SRT but with my Rane, The map wouldn’t allow me to control the Booth volume with the Booth knob,
I customised the Midi Map to allow for this function to work.

Hey @drewstagge,

Please note that the DDJ-1000 SRT is an external mixer. Find out what exactly this means for your setup here: https://help.algoriddim.com/hc/en-us/articles/4403739028370-Should-my-DJ-controller-be-used-in-internal-or-external-mixer-mode-

Let me know if you still have any other questions or issues.

Cheers, G

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Perfect, thank you! Had to use Serato yesterday, it was horrible.

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