DDJ 1000 SRT will it become compatable?

Hey I have the 1000srt and I was wondering will it become a native, as of now I have to manually set the mapping. THX

Hi Angel,

Thank you for your patience.

We are very happy to have released an update for djay Pro 2 which comes with a mapping for the DDJ 800 & DDJ-1000 SRT.

Please feel free to update and have a lot of fun mixing.


Lukas E.


As a clarification. External Mixer mode is referring to the External Mixer mode (not Native Support) which is saying that the device itself works as Mixer not the software. This is necessary to get the DDJ 1000 SRT working.

Also we are natively supporting the DDJ SZ and the DDJ 1000 SRT, which means that we provided a native mapping for both controllers.

A problem right now is that the DDJ 1000 SRT is getting initialised in internal mixer mode, which we are working on and want to thank you for pointing that out.

As always please make sure you have installed the correct driver and latest firmware for your controller.

If you experience a problem please contact us right away via support@algoriddim.com we are here to help.

You can find further information on External Mixer mode in our designated Manual:


natively to me means everything works out of the box, EVERYTHING!

Your out of luck unfortunately. The same thing happened with my ddj-sz. It seems ljke either the last catalina update ornthe last dj pro update broken native support and messed up all the mappings for most of pioneer controllers. I assume they are working on fixing this. I sent them a video, screen shots and details in hopes they jump on this quickly.

Habg tight, no other options besides using that god -aweful serato.

i know man and the worst part is, from reading threw the forums, it seems like Algoriddim is blaming PIoneer’s internals for the issue saying stuff like we SHOULD be using these controllers as “EXTERNAL” controllers insted of internal controllers, which they seem to feel correctly represents the definition of “Native support”…

i just started a trial run for rekordbox. so far, it’s better looking then serato and if they can’t figure out the issues to get my 3000$ controller to work properly with this software, i’m moving over to rekordbox. 

yup. that’s usually what NATIVE does mean.

Hi Lukas, I am a Mac DJ PRO 2 user with DDJ 1000 and just switch to DDJ 1000 SRT, I’ve run the firmware update and installed the driver from Pioneer, however when I open DJ PRO 2, the device couldn’t be found on the device tab (prefrence), so I couldn’t assign m main output and cue output, can you please help me out with it?

Thanks for your information, it really sucks when I got my 1000 SRT and everything seems ready but the controller…what a disaster…

This is crazy…