Ddj 1000

I plugged Ddj1000 but the sound is ONLY going out my Mac and not from my controller, what can I do to select my ddj1000 ?
I don’t have the pop-up asking for your Audio and MIDI settings !
In parameters I can’t select ddj1000 for the sound I only have the MacBook …
How can I select the controller who is plugged to my monitoring speakers ?

To get the full function of the DDJ-1000, including the use of the soundcard and audio output you need to download the driver from the Pioneer website.
Install that and you should be good to go.

It’s one of a few Pioneer controllers that aren’t plug and play out of the box.

Make sure that you’ve got the mixer settings in devices in the software set to “internal” and not “external”.

Also the switches on the top of each channel on the DDJ-1000 are flicked across to either A, or B, depending on which slot you’ve got the USB attached to.

Hi Julien,

Thank you for getting in touch.

Can you share your device settings in the dajy settings?

Thanks you for your comments I really appreciate :slight_smile:

Please help me this is my fully described situation :

I did the firmware update for my ddj1000 AND the driver update for my MacBook pro (my MacBook pro is from 2018) and I still have the problem !

The problem is that when I plug my controller ddj1000 to my MacBook pro there is no message that pop to say that my controller is recognized by the software djaypro2.

But I’m able to control the software with my controller ddj1000 (the control mapping is working OK). This is very strange I don’t understand.

In the audio settings of djaypro2 program I don’t have any controller recognized so “by default” the sound go out of my MacBook pro.

What I want : I want that the sound goes out of my monitoring speakers who are connected to my ddj1000 output.

I don’t want my sound going out of my MacBook pro.

Please help me :slight_smile:


In the settings I can’t choose my controller because it doesn’t pop in the list. Only my MacBook pro is in this list in the sound settings.

Any update to this issue? I cannot get output from my DDJ-1000, but have full control. The controller is just not showing as an option for external outputs, just built in output (mac speakers).

Please help me :slight_smile:

I did, but it’s still not working