I have a DDJ-1000 if I want to use the beat fx, for example the echo effect it only works on the mst channel. If i choice the channel where the song is playing from it doesn’t work. I think i don’t have te right prefrences on dj pro 2. Can sombody help me with this problem?

I have the ddj 1000 as well and I experience the same issue. I’m pretty sure it has nothing to do with djay pro 2 preferences its just that the onboard fx do not work when the channel selector is switched over to any of the channels other than mst. I hope pioneer will let the fx be use on all channels other than mst while using other software aside from rekord box one day. Meanwhile I managed to map djay pro 2 fx to turn on and off when the channel selector is assigned to a specific channel.

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How did you do that to a specific channel ?