DDJ 1000SRT - AutoMix

So the SRT only works with automix in internal mode and only one upfader works. External, automix is disabled. This is on a mac laptop.

Question is, will the SRT work with an ipad without those issues up above?

@MrG Automix only works with Internal Mixing Mode. Doesn’t matter what device you are using.

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Thanks for clarifying @Slak_Jaw !

@MrG you’re welcome.

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One last thing @Slak_Jaw ,is there a way to remove samples from the sampler pads? I made a “my sample pack” and added samples to the pads from other packs but to delete one i dont have a way unless i remake a new my sample pack. If i hit the pencil icon to edit itll show the 3 dots an in that theres no way to remove a sample from a certain pad. Any clue?

@MrG I had a look at this, and unfortunately I don’t think it’s currently possible to remove the built-in samples once you add them to a pad. You can, however, add a new sample over top of it. I was only able to delete my own custom sample from the pad, but this requires deleting the sample from the library so it’s completely removed everywhere. So, it seems that with the current implementation, your best option is to put a different sample in place of the one you want to delete or start over with a new blank sample pack.

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@Slak_Jaw yeah thats all i was able to do as well, replace with a new one or create a new blank sample pack.

Alright well i do appreciate the help as always!

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You’re welcome. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.

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