DDJ 1000srt (backspin,waveforms,deck loading and automix)

I have several questions regarding the ddj 1000srt with Ai.

When i load the decks via my mac on djay, it doesnt add it to the 2nd deck. On the Rane One and mac by themselves it works. Example-ill double click a song an itll fill in deck 1 or 2, then double click the next song and itll fill the next deck. With the SRT it just keeps reloading the same deck unless that deck is playing then itll load the other deck. Any clue?

On the ddj 1000srt has there been a workaround yet to use automix? I can do automix on internal and itll play on deck 1 but deck 2 theres no volume on the slider. And of course in external mode automix cant be used.

Backspin. I cant get the jog wheels to do a proper spinback. I have the tension knob turned all the way left so it spins longer but the effect of backspinning is cut short when you hear it. Is that another issue with using it with djay ai? I seen people on youtube doing it on rekordbox and serato but i cant duplicate it. I can scratch fine but no long backspin.

I cant change the jog wheel display to show wave forms. Any clue?

Thanks in advance!

Fixed: On the backspin, it works perfect with Serato. Do i like Serato? No i prefer Djay Ai.

Is there a chance you guys can fix the backspin sensitivity?