Ddj-1000srt support

When will there be support for ddj-1000srt ? In the meantime can anyone share a midi mapping?

Hi Tim.

Thank you for getting in touch.

The SRT is on our agenda. thank you for pushing the topic.


Lukas E.

Hi Tim,

Windows is also on our agenda.


Lukas E.

Yes the DDJ 1000 SRT is natively supported.


Lukas E.

Hi ninjajjj,

Have you assigned the channels of the SRT in the external mixer tab?

If this is still not possible, please contact us right away via support@algoriddim.com.


Lukas E.

The srt is working on mac???

This seems to be available in Djay pro 2 on the Mac when will it be available on Windows?

did you sort it?

He likley didn’t. This controller is another “half-natively” supported controller.

Hi Lukas, I am a Mac DJ PRO 2 user with DDJ 1000 and just switch to DDJ 1000 SRT, I’ve run the firmware update and installed the driver from Pioneer, however when I open DJ PRO 2, the device couldn’t be found on the device tab (prefrence), so I couldn’t assign m main output and cue output, can you please help me out with it?

Hi Lukas, I will give it a try first, will let you know the result. I also wanna ask why SRT has this issue but not the ddj 1000?

Hi Lukas, my previous problem is solved by setting the external mixer, however, the monitor to headphone is not working at all, thats when the cue botton is on

I have a similar problem. 

On internal mixer mode i hear everything on Channel 1.

so if the channel 1 fader is down then then you hear nothing. 

if i slide the channel 2 fader up i can see the channel 2 fader go up on the screen but i need to also slide the channel 1 fader up to hear the music. in this mode the PFL/headphone is set to channel 2 on the channel 2 fader. 

on External mixer mode i can set all the channels on the corresponding faders, but i can’t use the PFL function.