DDJ-1000SRT Transition problem using the same audio channel


With the Pioneer DDJ-1000SRT with the automix, the software use the same channel on the controller. It does not take in to account wich deck is playing in the software.
When is in the process of mixing the next song, it start to use the other channel and also the current channel. ( yes, uses two channels for the new song)
But when the next song is alone, Djay keeps using the original channel.

i have to problems with this:

  • Not possible to use controller sounds effects because all the music is always in one channel.
  • Because it uses two channels to make the transition, the volume level is increased and it sounds terrible.

Also, with the automix of, both decks are maped to same channel on the controller.

  1. Deck 1: Song A → Channel 1
  2. Song A ending, mix begins with song B
  3. Deck 2: Song B--------> Channel 2
    |----> Channel 1
  4. song A finish
  5. Deck 2:Song B-> Channel1