DDJ 1000SRT volume indecators

So I recently bought a DDJ 1000srt and when i pluged it in some of the functions didnt work so i had remap it but when i started a track the volume indecators did not show any light, but when i tryed it in serato the lights woked. is therre a fix to this or do i have to down load some drive for it.

@Sam_Sattah unfortunately, it’s not currently possible to manually MIDI map with Volume Meter LEDs with djay’s MIDI Learn tool. This needs to be done by Algoriddim within the default mapping. I recommend you try reloading the default mapping to see if the LEDs work on it. If so, duplicate the default mapping and add your new MIDI controls to it.

@Slak_Jaw How would I rest the default mapping. I have never done that before?

@Sam_Sattah simply load the Built-In MIDI Mapping instead of the customized one you made.

Hey @Slak_Jaw in regards to the srt, is there a beat counter like VDJ has on their software? Or is the beat counter the lines within the waveforms?

@MrG djay Pro AI has Minute Markers and Bar Numbers that you can enable in Settings>Appearance.

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Right on! Thats what I couldnt find.

I appreciate it @Slak_Jaw!

@MrG no problem. You’re welcome.

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@Sam_Sattah Go into the Settings>MIDI Devices and load the built-in mapping instead of your edited version.

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