DDJ-400 compatible with Djay Pro app + iPad air 1 (2013)?

Hi there awesome community,

Thank you for being here.
This is my first post, well question (s) ;).

I’m very keen to get into DJ-ing.
I have a iPad air 1 (1st generation, 2013) and I have my eye on a secondhand DDJ-400 Pioneer controller. I have the djay app on it and it works :slight_smile:
Question: Is this controller and djay app compatible (the free version)?
Is the djay pro -app compatible with ddj-400?
I think I can use my oldskool iPad connected with the ddj 400. I took a dive into all the posts and saw some nice handy pictures of all the possible constructions :slight_smile: :pray:
Question: How do you think about this? My iPad is the one you can’t update anymore.

Many thanks in advance!

I think you wont be able to use the Neural Mix function with that iPad

Hi @Wausertje,

Thanks for posting to the community for the first time!

The DDJ-400 is natively supported in djay for iOS but only on the paid version as shown in our FAQ linked here.

Hope to see you in the community again soon!

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