DDJ-400 for Windows

How is it possible that the DDJ-400, one of the most popular DJ controllers, is still not compatible with the most popular OS, Windows?! It seems I’ve bought this program in vain! Please map the controller for Windows! I’ve seen lots of people asking for that online and how difficult can it be? Thank you, Pat

I understand Algoriddim. Pioneer create so many controllers that are quite the same (physically) but devoted to different software (never DJay though).
I don’t know, but couldn’t you take a MIDI-mapping from a similar Pioneer-controller that DJay natively support in the Windows-version and do some adjustments?

Hi guys,

Happy to announce that our latest update for djay Pro for Windows is natively supporting the DDJ 400.

Please make sure you update to djay Pro Windows 1.0.27492.0.

Lukas E.