DDJ 400 Problem DJay Windows Version

Good afternoon,

After using Rekordbox, I’d like to be able to stream some more music too, so I thought let’s try something different. So today I tried Djay Pro for the first time with my Pioneer DDJ400 controller (demo version). After installing it immediately recognized my controller and everything seemed to work except 1 thing. The moment I put the headphones on the master, I get no sound. The pre-cue mode works, but it is silent via master. By the way, the sound of the master does work through my speakers, but not through the headphones.

Am I doing something wrong? This must of course work, otherwise I will not purchase the program I am afraid. I would like your help and thank you in advance.

You can close this one. I’ve been a dumb ass.
I know the problem en fixt it.