DDJ-800 djay Pro native support?

Will the new DDJ 800 be added to your list of native supported controllers in the future?

Looking forward to this very much. Beautiful controller - would love to use with DJ Jay Pro + Spotify.

Push it again :slight_smile: - I see DDJ-400 support expanded. Would love the 800 on iOS and Mac :slight_smile:

I know the DDJ-800 only came out 6-7 months ago, but we are all dying for you guys to add support ASAP. Can we send the dev team some beers as encouragement!? It’s a great controller and Djay Pro is really going to be amazing on it!

Hahaha yes! This DDJ-800 definitely needs some Algoriddim compatible love.

Surely the DDJ-800 is almost identical to the DDJ-1000 from a programming perspective Algoriddim team - just copy and paste it from the 1000 profile code and you’re done.  Better still open source it and I’ll do it for you. It’s a few days work tops (with testing!). 

I’m going to give up on the DDJ-800.  Playing this waiting game with Algoriddim just hasn’t paid off and I realise I’ve bought the wrong controller hoping DJay support wasn’t too far off - super disappointed :frowning:

Hoping another DJ app comes along with Spotify soon, maybe Rekordbox support which would be awesome and can ditch Djay and stop paying their subscription.

Alternatively take a step away from Pioneer as support does not seem a priority for Algoriddim despite their collaboration with Pioneer on the DDJ-400 which is strange.  I realise there are tons of controllers for the Algoriddim developer team to support, but almost a year on and no support means they are not serious about the Pioneer relationship.

Thanks Lukas!  Unexpected, as I had given up!  Confirmed it’s working fine on Mac.  Haven’t explored all the mappings yet but can now throw away my very incomplete DIY mapping.

Any update - am also waiting for DDJ 800 support!

Hi, I am waiting for support for the DDJ 800 in windows.
What is the Status or should I go for another platform to make it work?

Up :smiley:

thansk for this news… i have a question
Support djay Pro 2 Mac & Windows? in future iOS?

Is the DDJ-800 and 1000 SRT also added to the Windows version?

Hi Jules,

Support for the DDJ 800 is on our agenda.

I pushed the topic internally, tahnk you for your feedback.

Lukas E.

Hi guys,

We are working on the support.

Lukas E.

I can confirm the DDJ 800 is on our agenda.

Thank you for sharing your feedback.

CheersLukas E.

Hi guys,

Thank you all for your patience.

We are very happy to have released an update for djay Pro 2 which comes with a mapping for the DDJ-800 & DDJ-1000 SRT.

Please feel free to update and have a lot of fun mixing.


Lukas E.

The Windows support for the DDJ 800 and 1000 SRT is on our agenda.


Lukas E.

Is there any info on when the support will go live?

Any update on this?