DDJ FLX 6 turntable issues

I just bought the DDJ-FLX6 and I’m having a issue using the turntables to rewind songs with ultimate control. When I try to slowly rewind the track via the turntable, as I was able to do with the DDJ-200, it doesn’t recognize that I’m touching the turntables to rewind/fast forward the song unless the movement is faster or swift. In total, it doesn’t seem to recognize the fingers touching the controller unless the jog cutter is on. Only problem with that is when jog cutter is on, it hops to pitch blending and automatic scratching, but doesn’t give me ultimate control of the turntable. Tried fixing this in the settings for the controller, but its linked to the crossfader somehow and I can’t get it to work the way some of the simpler controllers do when touching the turntables. Seems like maybe a slight lag. Any suggestions?

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You can press SHIFT and the “Jog-Cutter” button (when the Jog-Cutter button is off). This should enable/disable the scratching mode.
You can find out more about the Jog-Scratch function here: Meet the DDJ-FLX6

If the problem persists, could you please post a video showing the issue you’re having. That will help us better understand the problem.

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