DDJ-FLX10 Compatibility

Yeah it’s pretty sad that they aren’t giving this controller any love whatsoever. Not that I don’t truly appreciate the mapping that Oliver did for the FLX10, but since it’s not natively mapped, everything is very herky jerky. Platters, pitch bend, pitch & gains are very super sensitive. I mean I’m working with mapping for now, but it would be a godsend if Algoriddim did this already. So many many people switched from the SRT to this controller and it’s already been out for over a year.


lol. Progress. Nothing has been done. The Algoriddim staff is just yessing everyone just to blow them off. People have been posting this for tons of months and still nothing.

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That’s probably because there isn’t any news yet but we all have been told that hardware integrations are coming in the next months. That was 3 weeks ago. So maybe not too long to wait now. Sit tight and let’s see what the next 2 - 4 weeks bring.

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The boys at Virtual DJ whip up midi mappings to new controllers within 2 weeks they’re released. What’s the deal with Algoriddim? So many new controllers out and no midi mapping for them. Sad, so sad. The software is fantastic and I want to switch over from Serato full time, but I can’t. Still holding onto my Denon MC6000MK2 because it works with my laptop, iPhone and iPad. Would love to eventually get a Roland DJ-707M

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I can tell you why, Algoriddim has overextended itself with Apple Vision Pro. They are completely overloaded with it. I can’t imagine who would use it. Never a professional DJ. It’s all just marketing. And the next thing is, Algoriddim is a German company, in Germany everything is very, very slow


@Carl_Bartelli and @DJKamyR, please refer to this post. The wheels are very much in motion. When there is more news to share about progress on the hardware front I will post it here or on the specific hardware threads. Thanks for your continued enthusiasm and interest in support for the FLX10.


Hi there sorry to say but the response by Algorithm has been so vague and uncertain. I even emailed your team and the response was again very vague. Why is this taking so long to complete. So many are disappointed, this controller has been out for some time now. There are people mapping it quicker. Hats off to them for trying so hard to help others. This level of support from you is not good at all and so many disappointed users. I hope this will get done soon. If Algorithm is so serious about it why don’t you post a release date & this way people will be well informed.

Again yet another vague response.

Hi @Maz_G,

Thank you for sharing your continued feedback regarding this topic.

As you know, many factors are involved in any developmental process, whether it be more hardware or software learning.

During said development, things change and they change rapidly, thus preventing us from sharing concrete dates or knowledge with end users such as yourself. Some changes are within our control, and some are not.

As @Slak_Jaw already stated, we have an exciting new update coming very soon to djay, which checks many long-requested items off our user’s “most voted” list, but we want to make sure we get it right the first time.

Please bear with us for a little bit longer and thank you for your ongoing support.


Thank you for coming back so quickly.

I understand the complexity but surely can’t be for so long.

When you put a response like “update coming very soon” this is what I mean by vagueness. How long is a piece of string. Your very soon might be 3-4 months.

Whatever your team is doing I hope it’s done quickly. So many people have been disappointed by the pace of this release.

Apologies if I am having a rant this is because I don’t want to change software after using Algorithm for so many years. Loyalty is not being paid quick enough by Algorithm

If specific time frames are given like 2 months, and that time frame isn’t met. Do you think people will rant more or less? From what we can see we have been told “coming very soon” “coming in next months” From my experience of forums algoridim have given more info than other companies. Try ranting on pioneer forums for example and see what comes back. Pulse will probably laugh at you.

You say you have been given more info than other companies, apart from
“coming very soon” What else do you know? If a company can’t give a
timeframe this is the company’s issue to manage the time frame. If a
hardware is out for over a year and many upset end users which have been
flagging this issue for so long and all we keep on getting is “coming very
soon” is a bit absurd in my opinion.

It’s been so long already when will your team come out with the compatibility of FLX 10!?


Nice1 , I’m patient about it , I don’t mind using rekordbox for now

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I don’t understand the reasoning to why your team can’t add an a official mapping for ddj flx 10


They can, but they don’t have the time because of the workload with the Apple Vision and overall the Apple Requirements.

Unfortunately, it’s always the same when a great company like Algoriddim becomes a gold digger and wants to work for a big company like Apple, but unfortunately it doesn’t have enough staff and is no longer able to provide the service.

Yeah that’s for sure, no one even uses djay pro ai with the Apple Vision Pros lol, such a waste of time on there hand instead of actually advancing user experience

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:ok_hand: Toys for rich snots…. unnecessary

However, the team IS working hard behind the scenes and we hope to have some news to share soon…

I highly doubt that they’re working “hard” at all on this integration, as if they were they would’ve had this completed months ago, not still “working” on it and coming up with vague “more updates to come soon” responses for months now…

Let’s be real - they’re not working on this, as if they were they would’ve been able to get this sorted out in a few days, week tops.

So if anything, some of us would appreciate you guys at least being honest about your responses here and tell us the truth - “We’ll get to this whenever we feel like, and unfortunately that time is not now. Will keep you posted when. Don’t keep your hopes up though because we’ve got our priorities in something else instead.”

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I think the only thing that will help is if we flx10 users all cancel our subscriptions so that they finally do something.

Let’s vote on who’s in.