DDJ-FLX10 Compatibility

I want to open this thread to track whether the new Pioneer DDJ-FLX10 has any chance of seeing support by djay and specifically by the iOS version. Does anybody have this controller and can say whether it shows up as a MIDI device when connected to an iPhone or iPad? It looks like a really good controller with first-class stems support on the hardware so it would be cool if it was supported by djay.


Plus 1 for this. I saw the FLX10 at NAMM and it was one of my favorites of the show. The in-jog screens are beautiful and I love the dedicated STEMs controls. This one is definitely on the top of my list for next gear purchase.

Does anyone know if it’s at least class compliant?


We will have to keep an eye out for Rekordbox DJ iOS support first I think. I’m guessing if Pioneer can’t make the FLX10 work with their iOS app then Algoriddim won’t be able to either.

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Yeah, that’s what I’m interested in as well. But their iOS app is still a far cry from the desktop equivalent, lots of functionality missing and some is still rough around the edges (try manually tightening a loop with In/Out). Makes me wonder how much they see it as a pro piece of software. :man_shrugging:

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It’s not. You need drivers for MacOS. Pioneer’s support pages for FLX10 do not list iOS/iPadOS as supported OS’es.

In theory they could make it class compliant via a firmware update, but I think it is unlikely to happen.

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These sound like indicators but not proof. The driver could be required just for the screens, for example. I still would be very much interested in someone just trying out to hook it up to an iOS device.


Im just hoping for a Mac OS version. Rekordbox Dj keeps locking up and I have to do a hard reset just to get it back working. If they don’t come out with a mapping soon, I’ll return my FLX10. I have a Denon SC5000 that I can use with a small mixer. Rather be stand alone with that then keep having to restart my laptop. It crashed twice both nights at my gigs 2 weekends ago. Pioneer has worked with me to find a solution but they havent found one yet.

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@Olywurld do you happen to have an iPad or an iPhone as well? Could you try hooking up your DDJ-FLX10 to that and see whether djay recognizes it as a MIDI-mapable device? :star_struck:


Been searching and searching, but still can’t find an answer if the FLX10 is or will be made iOS compatible. If someone has a FLX10 and an iOS device, can you please connect it to see if it shows up in the MIDI controller settings? Thanks!


It does not show up no.

I’ve been using it the last two weeks with iOS Mac
I had to manually map the device.
Atm I’m losing things like (individually coloured pads, the secondary stem effects, coloured jog wheels) mostly just colour midi issues

I really really really look forward to DJAY getting this mapped properly though


@Ryen_Brousseau can you please clarify? It sounds like from your description that the FLX10, IS visible to djay within the Midi Controller settings. HOWEVER, it is not natively supported with an official mapping. It sounds like you have been able to do some custom midi mapping. Please confirm. Thanks!

I LOVE my new controller - but am missing some cool midi colour experiences (especially with pads) … I can’t go back to Serato, I just can’t

Is DJAY working on being compatible with Pioneers DDJ FLX 10 ?



This is the same topic as DDJ-FLX10 Compatibility so let‘s keep the conversation there


Hi @Ryen_Brousseau,

Thank you for your post! As @djjoejoe mentioned, there is a thread already pertaining to this inquiry.

I will be merging your community post into the one that currently exists linked below about the same topic for better tracking of this request.

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Thank you -

Hope to hear from DJAY sometime soon about this


any update on this? I have been looking forward to an official mapping for the controller.


An update would be good, yes it still MIA?

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Does the effect area of the controller work properly?


I am not a user of the IOS version but I just picked up my FLX-10 two days ago. For the moment I’ve been using serato with it just to get used to the layout, coming from an entirely different and smaller controller. Will try with DJAY Pro once serato finishes analyzing my tracks, its been taking forever and i hate how slow it is.

Anyways, long story short, I should be able to try it out today on my Mac and see how the mappings are. As of now, the website doesn’t mention it under the compatibility list.

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@carlos_etd the FLX10 is not currently supported so you’ll have no mappings to try out. You’ll have to build the MIDI mapping from scratch.