DDJ-FLX4 MIDI Map (Unofficial)

Thanks so much for posting this.
I’m about to buy the FLX4 to replace my reloop buddy. One of the main features I use on the Buddy at the mo is the effects paddle. I pull this down to activate ‘Echo out’. Is this mappable to any of the buttons the FLX4?

The FX button of the Flx4 activates the manual FX 1, so it would probably be the easiest to simply store the corresponding effect there in DJay Pro. Otherwise, you can of course put it on any other button or performance pad, and use the dedicated effects button for other FX.

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Received my FLX4 today and got it mapped and working in seconds thanks to this mapping, thank you so much for sharing!

Quick question for anyone running Djay Pro on iPad or iPhone, should the FLX4 pass through power so that the iPad charges up? Currently it’s not doing that so I won’t have enough juice to get me through a set.
I’ve powered the FLX4 using a usb-C charger plugged in to the mains (and this powers up fine) - I’ve then connected my iPad to the FLX4 via the supplied usb-C to usb-C cable. Connections are all fine, it’s just the iPad charging I can’t crack!

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Yes, the iPad should be charged. It also works for me (iPad Pro 11 2018, charger on the controller and then via USB C from the controller to the iPad). Maybe you need to try a different charger or a different cable from the controller to the iPad.

Thanks for confirming it should work. Will play around with cable/charger combos.

Hey folks,

Writing to share how wonderful we think the fact that everyone of you has contributed to this conversation is :slight_smile:

It’s awesome to see how you’ve helped and supported each other on this occasion (and not only on this one).

Also writing to confirm that, while we can’t share a timetable for this development, we will keep you updated on any related news as we keep working to provide full support for the FLX4 :100:



Fastest way is to use PAD FX1 (mapped to Instant FX).

  • Pad 2 = Echo Out+.

OR use the BEAT FX section:

  • Select the target Deck (1 or 2).
  • Set FX1 to Echo Out+.
  • Press the ON/OFF button to activate.

OR The SMART CFX button toggles FX2+FX3 On/Off. So you could manually set those FX ahead of time and activate them together as a chained FX. Please note this toggles FX2+FX3 on both Decks.

  • [SHIFT] + SMART CFX toggles the deck Tools, so you can change FX there.

This is so helpful, thanks for replying.
Also thanks once again for taking the time to get the mapping working. I had a little peek into the mapping settings and can appreciate how much time and effort it must have taken you. Huge kudos.

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