DDJ-FLX4 MIDI Map (Unofficial)

Thanks so much for posting this.
I’m about to buy the FLX4 to replace my reloop buddy. One of the main features I use on the Buddy at the mo is the effects paddle. I pull this down to activate ‘Echo out’. Is this mappable to any of the buttons the FLX4?

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The FX button of the Flx4 activates the manual FX 1, so it would probably be the easiest to simply store the corresponding effect there in DJay Pro. Otherwise, you can of course put it on any other button or performance pad, and use the dedicated effects button for other FX.

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Received my FLX4 today and got it mapped and working in seconds thanks to this mapping, thank you so much for sharing!

Quick question for anyone running Djay Pro on iPad or iPhone, should the FLX4 pass through power so that the iPad charges up? Currently it’s not doing that so I won’t have enough juice to get me through a set.
I’ve powered the FLX4 using a usb-C charger plugged in to the mains (and this powers up fine) - I’ve then connected my iPad to the FLX4 via the supplied usb-C to usb-C cable. Connections are all fine, it’s just the iPad charging I can’t crack!


Yes, the iPad should be charged. It also works for me (iPad Pro 11 2018, charger on the controller and then via USB C from the controller to the iPad). Maybe you need to try a different charger or a different cable from the controller to the iPad.

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Thanks for confirming it should work. Will play around with cable/charger combos.

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Hey folks,

Writing to share how wonderful we think the fact that everyone of you has contributed to this conversation is :slight_smile:

It’s awesome to see how you’ve helped and supported each other on this occasion (and not only on this one).

Also writing to confirm that, while we can’t share a timetable for this development, we will keep you updated on any related news as we keep working to provide full support for the FLX4 :100:



Fastest way is to use PAD FX1 (mapped to Instant FX).

  • Pad 2 = Echo Out+ (though this changes if you pick a different set of Instant FX)

OR use the BEAT FX section:

  • Select the target Deck (1 or 2).
  • Set FX1 to Echo Out+.
  • Press the ON/OFF button to activate.

OR The SMART CFX button toggles FX2+FX3 On/Off. So you could manually set those FX ahead of time and activate them together as a chained FX. Please note this toggles FX2+FX3 on both Decks.

  • [SHIFT] + SMART CFX toggles the deck Tools, so you can change FX there.
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This is so helpful, thanks for replying.
Also thanks once again for taking the time to get the mapping working. I had a little peek into the mapping settings and can appreciate how much time and effort it must have taken you. Huge kudos.

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NEWEST (MIDI MAP 2.7) Jog Wheel Fine-Tune
DDJ-FLX4 (Unofficial2.7).djayMidiMapping (76.1 KB)

NEWEST (MIDI MAP 2.8) Volume LEDs Activated
DDJ-FLX4 (Unofficial2.8).djayMidiMapping (76.9 KB)


Congratulations on your Mapping work. Thanks again.

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Thanks for this! my 200 kept glitching out and i loaded this up and tried it with my new FLX 4 usb c to usb c On Ipad pro 12.9 M2 wired and it seems to be working pretty good! with the exception of the jog wheel to select songs sometimes not working unless its on a playlist. Other than that so far amazing work! Thank you


This is beyond fantastic. iPad wouldn’t download the file but it was a breeze downloading on Mac and airdropping to iPad and voila- FLX4 magically mapped!! the only thing I will change is mapping neural mix to the EQ keys. I love dJay stems and use them a lot but it’s not enjoyable sliding crossfaders on a glass screen. Im a backyard party, BD party DJ (not for hire) and use iPad overlayed with iPhone running the app plugged into a small mixer board for my own custom samples only. Helluva job mate, very grateful. No need to return the flx4 now which only arrived today. This is more than enough till it’s officially mapped. :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

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I got mine today and downloaded the mapping from this thread. my iPad is connected to the source usbc port, while the other usbc port is connected to my anker 65W charger and my iPad is being charged so yes it does support pass through charging

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Lightning quick observations after an hour playing with the unit and the mapping from the DDJ-400 (thanks @Michael_Wisniewski )

  1. Smart fader does activate auto mix but I would never use it live with this version. So far it does not activate any filters during cross fading, unlike the lowly DDJ200 which has a decent Transition FX button that even activates phase sync. Much worse though, it only maintains beat sync during crossfading if Looper packs are activated. this is fatal for me because I use beat sync more than 50% of the time, and I use looper instruments heavily as well; however I have to disengage loopers if the upcoming song was not created digitally (like old reggae) since they don’t sync well, and smart crossfade would then change the speeded up tempo of the next song to its native beat. So I can’t use this feature if this is the way it performs.

  2. Smart CFX is garbled not sure what effect it is producing in dJay. I switched to Rekordbox to test it out and even there I couldnt get it to cycle effects. I’ll have to go look at a YouTube video maybe I’m doing it wrong, because even in Rekordbox I can’t get FX Select to work. Most likely I’m doing it wrong since I haven’t seen a review yet of features

  3. [quote=“Michael_Wisniewski, post:1, topic:19170”]
    [SHIFT]+ON/OFF toggles the EQ knobs between EQ and Neural Mix (on the selected Deck).
    Im unable to make this work

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The Smart CFX button is mapped to toggle FX2&3 (Manual), so whatever FX2&3 are set to is what you’re hearing. Manually set FX2 and FX3 to get the effect you want.

In hindsight, a more useful mapping for the Smart CFX button might be to toggle Neural Mix on the EQ knobs.

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Make sure you’re using version 2.8 of the MIDI mapping

  1. In the BEAT FX section, select Deck 1 or Deck 2 (option 1&2 doesn’t work)
  2. [SHIFT] + ON/OFF button will toggle the Neural Mix on the EQ of the selected Deck. You should see visual feedback on the screen.

EQ Hi = Vocals
EQ Mid = Harmonics
EQ Low = Drums

Oops was using v2.5 thanks lol didn’t read the whole thread. Thanks for the quick response, that’s capital!

Unfortunately, I ran out of edits on the 1st post, so I have to post the newest updates further down the thread. All comments are welcome to further re-fine the mapping.

NEWEST (MIDI MAP 2.8 ) Volume LEDs Activated
DDJ-FLX4 (Unofficial2.8).djayMidiMapping (76.9 KB)


  1. Download the MIDI Map file
    a. In macOS put the MIDI Map file in this folder - Music/djay/MIDI Mappings
    b. In iOS use the Files app and tap the MIDI Map file. Tap OK when it asks to import the file. The MIDI Map will be copied to the djay folder on the iOS device.
  2. For general sanity, re-start the hardware, then re-start djay Pro.
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Ok so the toggle function is revealed in mapping but it doesn’t actually switch to neural mix after engaging toggle. I just went ahead and remapped the EQ to neural knobs anyway cuz I used stems far more than the EQ. Cuz we do a lot of karaoke I run sound through my own mixer board so EQ can be fine tuned there as well.