DDJ-FLX4 MIDI Map (Unofficial)

NEWEST MIDI MAP 2.5 Jog Wheel Update
DDJ-FLX4 (Unofficial2.5).djayMidiMapping (75.8 KB)

DDJ-FLX4 (Unofficial2.4).djayMidiMapping (75.3 KB)
for iOS & macOS, works over USB & Bluetooth.


  1. Download the MIDI Map file
    a. In macOS put the MIDI Map file in this folder - Music/djay/MIDI Mappings
    b. In iOS use the Files app and tap the MIDI Map file. Tap OK when it asks to import the file. The MIDI Map will be copied to the djay folder on the iOS device.
  2. For general sanity, re-start the hardware, then re-start djay Pro.



  • Select either Deck 1 or Deck 2 (option 1&2 does not work).
  • [SHIFT]+ON/OFF toggles the EQ knobs between EQ and Neural Mix (on the selected Deck).


  • Toggles FX2+FX3 On/Off on both Decks 1 and 2.
  • [SHIFT]+SMART CFX toggles deck Tools (Hot Cues, Loops, FX etc.).


  • Toggles Auto-mix
  • [SHIFT]+SMART FADER - cycles through djay Pro screens (Classic, Pro etc.)


  • [SHIFT]+CROSSFADER LEFT/RIGHT starts playback on target Deck.
  • [SHIFT]+FADER DOWN starts playback on opposite Deck.


  • [SHIFT]+CUE deletes Cue.
  • [SHIFT]+PLAY goes to beginning of track.


  • [HOT CUE] - Set & Select Hot Cues. [SHIFT]+Pad deletes.
  • [KEYBOARD] - Plays current Hot Cue in different semi-tones. Pad 1 is original key. To select a different Hot Cue to play - use [SHIFT]+Pad.
  • [PAD FX1] - Instant FX
  • [PAD FX2] - Neural Mix Pads 1-4 = Solo, Pads 5-8 = Mute.
  • [BEAT JUMP] - Skip FWD-BACK. Pads 1-2 1 beat, Pads 3-4 2 beats, Pads 5-6 4 beats, Pads 7-8 8 beats.
  • [BEAT LOOP] - Auto Loops 1/4 to 32 beats.
  • [SAMPLER] - Sampler. Toggles Sampler/Looper view depending on djay Pro screen. To switch to full sampler/looper view in iOS use [SHIFT]+SMART FADER.
  • [KEY SHIFT] - Looper. Toggles Sampler/Looper view depending on Djay Pro screen. To switch to full sampler/looper view in iOS use [SHIFT]+SMART FADER. Note - Loops sync with the music, so there will be delays when starting/stopping loops.


  • Top = scratch
  • Side = pitch blend / nudge (when playing)
  • [SHIFT]+Jog Wheel = seek

If you’re having trouble connecting via Bluetooth, try these free Korg apps:

Korg Bluetooth Connect (macOS)

Korg Bluetooth Connect (iOS)


Great work!!!
Would this work for the FLX 6 as well?

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It might work, but the FLX6 is officially supported by Algoriddim on macOS and iOS, so if there’s something you want to do, it’s probably better to edit the “official” FLX6 mapping.

djay Pro and DDJ-FLX4
Testing the mapping at a gig.

This rig is still on the workbench, but it is main reason I bought the FLX4 - to run djay Pro on an iPhone/iPad. What a great combo!


  1. MIDI Map built with djay macOS but it loads cleanly into djay iOS.
  2. Using a Lightning to USB-C cable from UGREEN. The Cable is 0.25 meters / ~9.85 inches and Apple MFI Certified.
  3. Custom knobs/faders from CoolorCaps.
  4. Speaker feet mod to raise the controller up a bit.

ok thanks didn’t realize that

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Solid thank you mate

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Just downloaded however when I load the track to deck 1 its actually deck 2 on my controller. Seems to be backwards

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Thank you very much for this file! It works perfectly for what I need until there is an official release.

What I discovered:

  • When I connect my iPad Pro 11" (USB-C) and start a deck, it will play out through main regardless of fader settings. This is only until I move both deck faders and crossfader once. Afterwards everything is as it should. So no problem.
  • Be sure to set headroom to -6 or even -9 for best sound quality.
  • Coming from a Denon MC6000 I was confused by audio setup. Correct is internal mixer. ch 1-2 for main and ch 3-4 for headphone.
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When i load the track to deck one cross fader is in the deck 2 position. It seems to be backwards for me.

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The crossfader should not move when you load a track.

  • If the crossfader is moving when you load a track; it is not supposed to do that; and it’s not part of the MIDI mapping.

Things to Consider:

  1. If you move the on-screen crossfader, it will be out-of-sync with the hardware. You will have to move the hardware crossfader to get it back in-sync with the software.

  2. Automix moves the on-screen crossfader and periodically gets out-of-sync with the hardware. If you wish to directly engage Automix - move the hardware crossfader to get it back in-sync.

  • With Automix, it’s common to leave the hardware crossfader in the middle while the on-screen crossfader does it’s thing.

This is so great, thank you!

I managed to install the 2.3 mapping on my iPad. The Bluetooth connection works like a charm. But I can´t get the cable connection running. I have tried the original cable from Apple (USB-C to Lightning) as well as the original USB-C cable from my FLX4 with an adapter from USB to USB-C which connects with my Apple Lightning to USB Camera connector. What am I missing?

I mean, Bluetooth is great, but I need to connect my headphones as well as my speakers. I would have an Split Cable but that means, evreything will be in mono right?

Any tips in the right direction would be very appreciated :slight_smile:

Don’t know if this will solve your issue, but I also had problems with my original Apple cables. The FLX4 has higher Power Delivery (PD) specs (5 Volts, 3 Amps) than many older Apple devices; so your Apple cables may not be up to spec. I have 4x original Apple USB-C to Lightning cables that work fine with my Apple devices, but only 1x works with the FLX4.

Some Things to Look for in a Cable:

  1. USB-C to USB-C cables that can handle 3 Amps and also handle high powered chargers (18, 20, 60, 65 watts etc.).
  2. USB-C to Lightning cables with an MFI rating. An MFI rating means the cable uses Apple circuitry in the cable and is certified by Apple.
  3. I don’t recommend using the Apple Camera Connection Kit. Use a USB-C to Lightning cable to simplify the setup.

I recommend the brand UGREEN as I’ve had good luck with them. Similar cables/chargers from Anker would also probably work. And of course, original Apple cables with the higher Power Delivery specs.

UGREEN USB-C to USB-C Charging Cable

UGREEN USB-C to Lightning Cable

UGREEN USB-C to Lightning cable


Have you tried connecting power as well? Maybe the FLX4 just isn’t getting enough of that.

Definitely needs to be connected to external power to work with an iPhone/iPad.

Not for me. With my iPad Air 4, it works without external power, just directly plugged in. But that depends on which iPad you’re using and how much power it can make available - my old one was less capable in this regard.


Oh, that explains a lot. Thank you very much!

I ordered the Ugreen UBC-C to Lightning you mentioned and hope for the best.

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Yes, it is connected to a powersource. But maybe I could try bigger charger.

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That was it! My culprit? I needed a beefier charger. I tried again with the PowerPort III Nano from Anker. Now everything works like a charm!

Thanks again, for helping me out :slight_smile:


Yay, so great to hear! :rocket: