DDJ-RB with Windows 10 DJay Pro

Hello, thanks for the windows version and for adding the DDJ-RB, however, I can’t seems the make the CUE in hearphones work propaly. I can hear the MASTER in my hearphones so I know the sound his getting through. But the CUE won’t even light up when I press on it. Thank you

I am having the same issue, DDJ RB.
Any News?

It’s not an issue. All of you bought an unsupported device and it doesn’t work. That’s your fault, not Algoriddims.

Hey there,

thank you for your feedback. Can you send us the link to a video in which you are showing the explained behaviour?
Would be very helpful to reproduce the issue.

Cheers,Lukas E.

Hey guys,

At the moment we can not support devices which are unsupported by our Windows Audio driver (WASAPI).

The support has high priority for us and we will do our best in order to fix this as soon as possible.

We are in contact with Pioneer and will keep you posted.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Lukas E.

Still nothing after a year !!!

Can you let us know if it worked for your gig please… if you can get it to work

Got the same problem with the Pioneer DDJ-SB2. It’s silly because In the Beta-version it works fine.
In version 1.0.26412.0 it doesn’t: The lights of the cue-buttons won’t lit up and I don’t hear any sound in mu headphone.

I am having the same issue. Using the casio xw-j1. I am fairly certain it was all good in the beta.

Same issue gere, with DDJ-RB

same inssues with DDJ-SZ

According to me, they are the problems of WASAPI drivers. But with other software does not happen to me.

I still do not know what card or controller supports pre-listening on windows 10
I have three and I still have not got it

I am also unable to map the cue headphone monitor buttons or volume knob. Has anyone successfully mapped the ddj rb to their Djay Pro Windows?

I agree Chris - Rekordbox works flawlessly but DJay Pro is useless as a dj tool without the ability to cue tracks on the headphones. Thus far the Windows version of Djay pro has proven to be a waste of $60+ dollars. Hopefully someone from Algoriddim can jump in and assist us or I’ll be demanding a refund.

Following this with great interest. Haven’t used djay pro since paying for it, despite it being the most expensive app I’ve ever bought!

I have exactly the same problem with my DDJ-RB. No [1] or [2] cue buttons light up whatsoever when I press them, therefore I get no sound in my headphones. Only the ‘Master’ cue button on my RB lights up

But, even more to the point, I am absolutely horrified at the latency and how unresponsive the jogwheels are after I’ve touched them. Does anyone else have this issue? Rekordbox is flawless, however manual mixing with my RB and Djay Pro on my Windows 10 PC is horrendous. I’m wishing I downloaded the free trial first, because right now I feel absolutely gutted I’ve wasted £40.

PS. I have tried ‘Exclusive mode’ - and have closed absolutely everything else in the background. It makes no difference. And finally, the ‘Master level’ knob on my RB causes the volume to go haywire.

How very frustrating. I did notice there was an update about a week or so ago but, unfortunately, still no cue in the headphones.

The latency on the DDJ-RB is still also unfit for purpose - the moment I remove my hand from the jog wheel the track is still reversing for quite some time, the same goes for trying to cue a track.

Still very, very disappointed with my purchase thus far.

same problem here, not working with ddj-rb!

On the algoriddim website there’s a list with all natively supported midi controllers, and the Pioneer DDJ-SB2 is on that list. Does that mean all functions are working as they should work, including pre cue on headphones?

Hey guys

Just seeing this thread from 6 months ago
I’m having the exact same issue with my windows 10 djay pro and my ddj rb pre cue buttons.

Any progress with finding a solution?

Nothing new