DDJ-RR pre-cueing with Windows

‘‘Pre-cueing via the controller is not supported on Windows, but headphones can be used via the PC’s built-in audio output’’ …so is there a possibility to pre-cue via the PC’s audio output? I’m using Pioneer DDJ-RR and would love to buy this software, but the pre-cueing is one of the most important things I need.

Is there no fix possible to just use the controllers cueing somehow?

It’s making djay Pro quite unusable with a ddj Rr and win10

Hi Aleksi,

as stated, Pre Cueing with the DDJ RR is possible by using your PC’s built in audio output (headphone jack).

Cheers,Lukas E.

Hi Ron,

This is the supported way at the moment. 
Are you able to Pre Cue via your Windows Sound card (Headphone Jack)?