Ddj sr2 sound device on iOS

I have a ddj sr2. It work great with djay pro ai on Mac but I can’t get sound card option on iOS. I know it is not natively supported but is there a way to make the iOS version recognize the ddj sr2 as a sound device?

If it requires drivers, those needs to be made by Pioneer

It won’t work on iOS as the SR2 is not Class Compliant, this means it needs software drivers to function.

As you can’t install these drivers on an iPhone or iPad it will not work.


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Ok. Thank you guys. Guess it’s time to look for a controller that works natively with iOS but is also professional.

Denon MC7000 is a very good controller that works on iOS too.

Pioneer has several options too.

If you can find a good quality DDJ SX2 which is very similar but 4 channel, I’d easily recommend it.
Love mine.
The added bonus of 4 channels (even if you only use two), is the ability to map extra things onto the channel 3&4 knobs / buttons.
I.e. I’ve got the Neural Mix controls mapped to the EQs for 3&4 and lots of other goodies mapped elsewhere.
There are plenty of other really good controllers out there but if you liked the SR2 the SX2 isn’t too dissimilar.

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