DDJ-SX (1) with djay Pro set to Internal Mixer

I won’t get into the why I need to do this but, when I plug the USB from the SX (1) into the Macbook Pro with djay Pro installed, it immediately recognizes the SX, which is great.

However, I need to set djay Pro mixer to Internal so that I can start an automix playlist. This appears to work, but then it asks what the “main output” needs to be. I have the choice of PIONEER DDJ-SX, or BUILT IN AUDIO. Of course if I choose the SX, I have the sub-menu for which channels (1,2 or 3,4). It doesn’t matter which option I choose (1,2 or 3,4), deck 1 continues to “light up” Channel 1, with NO AUDIO coming out of the main.

I’ve accepted that maybe it’s not an option, so I selected BUILT IN AUDIO, with headphones selected in system preferences, and 1/8" cable running to channel 4 on the SZ, and volume still doesn’t come out. I have gotten this to work once or twice, but even when it works it still shows the volume on Channel 1 as well.

Is there a work-around or something?

Hi Darrell,

thank you for your post.
If you connect the DDJ - SX please accept midi mapping window which is being displayed after the Pioneer logo.

Is there still no sound output?

Thank you in advance.

Lukas E.

Hi Darrell,

thank you for the video.
In your video, after connecting the controller and accepting the midi mapping dialog window, djay Pro is showing you that the Crossfader Assignment was changed (please see the yellow warning triangle).

Please change the crossfader assignment of your controller or click at the triangle and accept to proceed with the changed assignment.
We recommend you to at least set channel 1 to “A” and channel 2 to “B”.

Lukas E.

Hi Darrell,

i see what your problem is, thank you for the follow up video.

It would be possible to change the mapping of the channel 1 and channel 2 line fader, so they don’t effect the volume of the channel at all. I don’t know if this is a possibility because if you want to switch from Automix to mixing, you would have change the mapping of the controller, which could cause a work flow stop.
Would that be acceptable?

Lukas E.

Hi Darrell,

unfortunately there is no option to deactivate the level meters, also there is no other way to use the controller in the way you explained it than switching between two mappings.

Nevertheless i forwarded your post as a request to support the Automix in external mixer mode, which should solve your problem.

Thank you in advance and sorry for the inconvenience.

Lukas E.

Hi Lukas,

I don’t always get that midi map… Is that the dialog box that asks where I would like to send the Main Output, Cue Output, etc.?

I have accepted that before.

It’s strange that everything works perfectly with djay 2. But not with djay Pro.

Any other things I should try?

I have everything hooked up all day today and can try anything out…


I created a video to simplify what I’m trying to explain. It shows the difference between djay 2 vs djay pro when the mixer is set to INTERNAL with the main output set to BUILT-IN.

I need to set it to internal for the “automix” capability. Check out the video and let me know if that is possible with djay pro, please.


Hi Lukas,

I walked through the process again this morning, doing what you suggested, and I still have the issue. BUT, I think I know where our miscommunication is. I made a new video, link below, but I’ve described it as well.

With djay 2, when set to “built-in” output and then staring an automix, both channels 1 and 2 will go through the system output (in my case the headphones) and that is it. The volume for each channel is controlled via the application. ****This is what I want to do with djay pro.

With djay pro, when set to “internal mixer” (required for automix), and “built-in” output, the sound does come through to the correct channel, but each tracks volume is dependent on the levels set by the mixer track 1 and 2. That’s the problem.

With djay pro - if you have it set to internal mixer then why is channel 1 and 2 still controlling the volume of those tracks in djay pro? It should be an internal operation and the mixed output only be sent to the “built-in” output as selected. Which is what djay 2 does.

Video may describe better - https://vimeo.com/175382522

Hi Lukas,

That would be fine. I could just duplicate the unmodified midi-map and make the necessary changes, and then when I want to switch from Automix, I could just enable the original midi-map.

I created a copy of the midi-map and tried to mess with some of the settings but couldn’t fully figure it out.

Can you suggest which settings to change?


Hey Lukas,

I was just messing around with it, and I was able to get it to do what I want, but with one small issue.

When the dialog box pops up, right after the “Pioneer DJ” logo, I uncheck everything - cue output, microphone, and main output. I’ve also created a midi-map that is completely clear of all controls, and I have that selected. Everything seems to work.

The only small issue now is that even though the midi-map is completely clear, and output is through “built-in”, as long as the USB cable is plugged, the level meters on tracks 1 & 2 (the only ones I’m using with Automix) are still lighting up, as well as the the rotary graphic inside the platters on the DDJ-SX. If there is a way to turn those off, that would be perfect. If there’s a different way to do what I described above, or a setting I could make, that would be awesome.

Maybe a future update could include a simple button that causes djay pro to ignore all midi-devices. Would be very helpful in a situation like this.