DDJ-SX and MIDI-mapping


I have just upgraded my gear to a DDJ-SX and a MacBook Pro.
For software I am using Djay Pro for MacOS.

Anyone that has this setup and would like to share experiences?

One immediate observation is that the MIDI-mapping for the DDJ-SX, that follows with Djay Pro, is not complete. Anyone that has added mappings?


Hi Deejay Dave,

Thanks for your note. Here is what I have observed so far.

  1. The FX cannot be activated when Decks 3 or 4 are chosen.

  2. The PANEL SELECT button is not mapped. Could be used somehow for Djay Pro (the features in Serato are not similar of course). Perhaps one could toggle between deck layouts?

  3. Sampler. It is not possible to move to other Sample packs (called banks in Serato) with the 7th and 8th Performance pads.

  4. The FX 1 and 2 assign buttons do not work.

  5. //I have misunderstood. In fact they do not change lights. So this is as it should be//The Load buttons do not shift lights (blue/white) correctly.

  6. Shift + Load button: The library’s track list should be sorted when one of the [LOAD] buttons is pressed. This function does not work.


What exactly is missing? I have not used SX with Djay Pro in a minute but I don’t remember anything missing or incomplete off the top of my head.