ddj-sx audio only through channel 1

using ddj-sx on the windows demo version. can only get audio coming out of channel 1. channel 2 LEDs are on but not routing to the master out. cue buttons light up but don’t do what they are supposed to do. i.e. they don’t cue the audio just bypasses to the master.

settings are ddj-sx as controller and audio device. device is exclusive, external mixer

is there a hidden menu to route the audio to each channel. also trim does’t make a difference . highest signal i am getting is just above the low knob on the LEDS.

run serato as well so i know its an an issue with my controller. can you help pls.

thank you

Hey there,

we are sorry to tell you but at the moment WASAPI, Windows  Audio  Session API, is not supporting more than two channels with external devices. We are in contact with Pioneer to fix this issue to make a 4 decks of the DDJ-SX fully accessible.

In the meantime, the DDJ SX can still be used as midi controller, I know this is frustrating but we are doing our best to provide the support as fast as possible.

Cheers,Lukas E. 

any help here please?