DDJ SX iPad problem

can you see the problem?

@FabiJ93, yes that video shows it clearly. Thanks!

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I hope a solution can be found because although it is not a problem it is very annoying when you have many active pads


Hi @FabiJ93, I spoke with the engineering team and they were able to fix this. It will be addressed in the next djay release. Thanks!

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thank you very much

You’re welcome @FabiJ93

Hi @FabiJ93, sorry, I jumped the gun on this one. This fix wasn’t quite ready for the next djay update, but it will be included in the one after that.

Hi sorry for the delay in replying.
more or less how many days do you have to wait?

Hi @FabiJ93, sorry, but I cannot provide any timelines as far as update releases go.