DDJ SX iPad problem

  • Device model: iPad 5th 2017
  • Version of operating system: iOS 16
  • Version of djay: 5.1.4
  • Hardware/controllers used: Pioneer DDJ SX

Summary of the issue:

Hi everyone
for a few days I have been using an iPad with djay pro to control a DDJ SX

I have several problems
the controller works well and responds to all commands, but when you select one or more hot cues on the pads and they light up most of the time the pads emit a numinous flash, which is very annoying.
happens with all ipad options
hot cues, rolls, samplers

I also noticed that the jog LEDs, when I load the track onto an opposite deck, stop working for a few seconds, until the track is loaded correctly, and then go back to working normally.

How to reproduce the issue:

Hi @FabiJ93, thanks for the details and explanation of the issue.

  1. Are you using the latest firmware from the Pioneer DJ page for your DDJ-SX? https://www.pioneerdj.com/en/product/controller/archive/ddj-sx/black/support/#info
  2. Is this a new issue or has it always been like this? If new, what has changed in your setup since it was working properly?
  3. Are you using the built-in MIDI Mapping for the DDJ SX or an edited/customized one?
  4. Can you please try to capture a video of the issue, upload it to your Google Drive/Dropbox, enable sharing permissions, then share a link to the video here?

I can’t make a comparison because it’s my first experience with ddj sx and djay pro
I got the console 5 days ago

the console currently has the latest firmware update and I am using the standard djay pro mapping

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Thanks for the information regarding the firmware.

  1. Are you using the built-in MIDI Mapping for the DDJ SX or an edited/customized one?
  2. Can you please try to capture a video of the issue, upload it to your Google Drive/Dropbox, enable sharing permissions, then share a link to the video here?
  3. Did you purchase this hardware new or used?

I’m using built-in mapping
the hardware is used but works perfectly and on a PC with other software I don’t have these problems

I will upload the video as soon as possible

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Thanks @FabiJ93. If you could capture video of it working properly on your PC with other software that would be great. Also, have you tried it with djay for Windows on your PC? Your iOS subscription will work across platforms.

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unfortunately my PC is quite old and I can’t use many advanced software
virtual dj which is the least heavy works well, without the problems described

later I will upload the videos of the problem I have with the iPad

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I’m noticing that in the video uploaded to Google Drive you don’t see the flashing of the pad turned on.
However, I assure you that when the pads are turned on it flashes slightly every 20 seconds

Thanks for the videos @FabiJ93. Can you please enable sharing permissions on the second video as I cannot open it. I suspect this could be a power delivery issue or issue with your Lightning Adapter.

  1. Is the DDJ SX connected to power with the original charger that came with it?
  2. Are you using a genuine Apple Lighting to USB 3 Camera Adapter (Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter - Apple (CA)) or a 3rd party one?
  3. Is your original Apple charging cable and charger connected to the Lightning socket on the Camera Adapter and is your iPad charging properly?

I use a third-party adapter at the moment and not an original Apple one
The console power supply is original Pioneer

I enabled sharing of the second video
see if you can see it.

however, from what I’ve seen, all ddj sx have that “problem” when you load the track on the opposite deck, so it shouldn’t be a real problem

I suspect this adapter is your issue. I have used many 3rd party Camera Adapters in the past and several of them had reliability issues that either cause erratic behavior or simply didn’t work after a several uses. I recommend that you use only a Genuine Apple Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter.

I’m returning to the post because I did some tests and I want to give some more information.

ddj sx connected to the PC with virtual dj/serato dj does not present any problems with pad lighting.
connected to the PC with djay pro I have the same problems as on the iPad, that is, alternating flashing

I noticed that the flashes on (hot cue if set) only occur when the deck is playing. if I’m in cue no problem.

when you enable the sampler function and the pads are all lit I have the same problem if the track is playing every now and then they emit a flash, in cue no

I also purchased an original Apple USB adapter and it continues to do the same thing (on iPad)

at this point, given that it occurs on both PC and iPad, the problem appears to be the software

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Thanks for the additional info @FabiJ93. Sorry that didn’t solve the issue. I think the best option is to forward this to our engineering team to see if they can reproduce the issue on their hardware. I don’t have access to a DDJ SX to test myself. Can you please try to capture another video that clearly shows the problem since it’s not clear in the originals. This will help to clearly communicate what’s going on to the team. Thanks!

One thing comes to mind…
but what if it depends on Quantize?
I didn’t find the option to deactivate it, could you give me some information?

Hi @FabiJ93, I don’t think this is the issue, but you can enable/disable Quantize here:

ok thanks, I’ll try disabling it to see if anything changes.

However, unfortunately the videos uploaded, losing quality, do not highlight the problem

Is there another platform where I can upload the video?
for example, a few days ago I uploaded it to a Facebook page regarding algoriddim, and there you can see the defect

Maybe try sharing the link to the FB post with the video here.