DDJ-SX2 and Mic with iPad Pro

I’ve just acquired a second-hand DDJ-SX2 to use with my iPad Pro and DJ Pro 3. In the very limited time that I tested things, so far so good. I only checked to make sure of the connection, the loading of tracks, and the playback. I did see that a test track that I used before have the cue points that were saved, so good on that front too.

But I am trying to sort out whether there’s a way for the microphone to be picked up by DJay Pro’s recorder. It’s able to pick up the master out of the main audio. On the controller, the mic is on Channel 3, and it’s able to auto-duck when I’m talking into it, but that is not picked up at all on the recorder…not the ducking, nor my voice. Can this be sorted out?

And if I can get that far, is there a way to adjust the ducking volume to work with DJay Pro? The ducking is a bit too quick and too low, and I’d like to tweak it a bit.

Thanks for reading!

Hi @Velanche_Stewart

Thank you for getting in touch.

The Mic is directly routed to the Master Output of the Controller and not being sent back to your iPad Pro. djay for iOS is not supporting an external Microphone in at the moment, but I pushed your topic internally and it would be great if other users would push the topic as well by upvoting.

Hey there, Lukas:
Thanks for the reply. Indeed, it would be great to have this topic upvoted for such a feature in the iOS version.

As it is, I can work around it and use my audio recorder to route out audio from the master to the device.

As ever, I appreciate the help.

To get around this problem buy an Evermix or similar and record externally

I have a workaround with an external recorder via an audio interface, but it’ll be much easier for a one-shot solution. Hope this gets voted upwards.

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