DDJ SX2 - Channel Level Indicator

Dear Team,

the DDJ SX2 works perfectly with your software, both iPad and Mac. There is only one thing not working. Channel Level Indicator shows nothing. But they work - i plugged in CDJs - and the show a level.

Can i do something?


Hi there,

I take it by channel level indicators, you mean the VU meters next to each individual channel and not the VU meters for the Master level located in the middle of the mixer?

If you mean the Master level VUs, this has been ongoing for a while and only turning the master volume up to ear bleeding level will allow them to show any kind of interest at all, so that’s an issue.

If you mean the individual VUs next to the deck EQs then these work fine for me on my SX2 as can be seen below.

Let us know which ones you mean and we can investigate from there.

Yes, I’ve gone all out for Pride month with the controller knobs and faders……:rainbow_flag::rainbow::rainbow_flag:

Also, hi to all the staff and regulars, I’ve been absent for a while with family stuff, but I’m back to annoy you all again!! :grin:

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Hey @Masterchief - Welcome to the Community! Thanks for your first post.

And thanks to @sooteee for your response! Welcome back. It’s good to see you again :slight_smile:

@Masterchief, as @sooteee requested, please let us know which channel-level indicators you are referring to. Feel free to upload a photo or video to help us better understand.

We’re looking forward to hearing back! Have a great rest of your day :blush: