DDJ-SX2 / iPad/ Djay Pro iOS questions

Hi, I’m currently using DDJ400/iPad Pro but want some extra channels to run vinyl into via 1210’s.

It seems like the only 4 channel controller with inputs and native iOS Djay Pro support is the SX2.
How is the SX2/iPad/Djay Pro combo? Is it fully functional/featured and worth getting?
Prices seem quite reasonable

I’m not loyal to any brand if there’s any other controllers to be recommended. The Reloop Mixon 4 looked good but does not offer any inputs for vinyl decks so is no use for me.

Hey StetchWatson!

I own a DDJ-400 and a MIXON 4. You are exectly on the right track:

The MIXON 4 is a great controller. More in the professional direction. But yes, it does not support any audio inputs.

The DDJ400 is a really nice controller targeted more at beginners. (Although you can really use it professionally: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6tVh3esZYG8)

I never owned a DDJ-SX2. But it seems to be the perfect fit for what you need. It can defenitely be MIDI mapped to dJay. Here is the list of officialls supported hardware controllers. https://www.algoriddim.com/hardware (The SX2 is on that list with dJay for iOS.)

Maybe as one more alternative have a look at the Denon Prime Series. The Denon Prime GO supports 4 channels an has an internal battery. Mixing on the GO! :slight_smile: And of course the Denon Prime 4 is the best best of them all - if you can afford it :slight_smile:

Happy DJing!

Hi Doogie,

Thanks for the response - I got an SX2 in the end,
works great with DjayPro - I’ve remapped it to use NeuralMix etc, very happy with the set up!



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