DDJ-SX2 / iPad/ Djay Pro iOS questions

Hi, I’m currently using DDJ400/iPad Pro but want some extra channels to run vinyl into via 1210’s.

It seems like the only 4 channel controller with inputs and native iOS Djay Pro support is the SX2.
How is the SX2/iPad/Djay Pro combo? Is it fully functional/featured and worth getting?
Prices seem quite reasonable

I’m not loyal to any brand if there’s any other controllers to be recommended. The Reloop Mixon 4 looked good but does not offer any inputs for vinyl decks so is no use for me.

Hey StetchWatson!

I own a DDJ-400 and a MIXON 4. You are exectly on the right track:

The MIXON 4 is a great controller. More in the professional direction. But yes, it does not support any audio inputs.

The DDJ400 is a really nice controller targeted more at beginners. (Although you can really use it professionally: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6tVh3esZYG8)

I never owned a DDJ-SX2. But it seems to be the perfect fit for what you need. It can defenitely be MIDI mapped to dJay. Here is the list of officialls supported hardware controllers. DJ Controllers, DJ Mixers and other DJ Accessories | Algoriddim (The SX2 is on that list with dJay for iOS.)

Maybe as one more alternative have a look at the Denon Prime Series. The Denon Prime GO supports 4 channels an has an internal battery. Mixing on the GO! :slight_smile: And of course the Denon Prime 4 is the best best of them all - if you can afford it :slight_smile:

Happy DJing!

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Hi Doogie,

Thanks for the response - I got an SX2 in the end,
works great with DjayPro - I’ve remapped it to use NeuralMix etc, very happy with the set up!



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