DDj SZ and Ipad Pro

Hello, I have a Pioneer DDJ SZ controller, and I haven’t been able to figure out how to get sound directly from the controller when it’s connected to an iPad Pro using Djay Pro 5.0. I used to use it with a 2020 MacBook Pro, and it worked perfectly… Not now. Is anyone in the same situation? Anyone with the same set up?

Hi @DaveMateo,

  1. Please go to Settings>Audio Devices and make sure you are using Mixer Mode Internal.
  2. Also you can try pressing the Reset to Defaults button.
  3. If this doesn’t work, disconnect the controller and reconnect.
  4. If that doesn’t work, please share a screen shot of these settings. Thanks.

It still doesn’t work. You can see in the photo, it doesn’t allow me to let the ddjsz be the main audio channel

@DaveMateo how exactly are you connecting your iPad to the DDJ SZ (Genuine Apple Camera Adapter, USB-C Hub, USB-C to B cable, etc.)? If you could share some photos of the connection that would be great. Thanks!

I’m using a Baseus Hub. Is it possible that the Hub is responsible? This same one works when I use my macbook pro. Can you confirm if an Ipad pro using a ddj sz controller works with an ‘original’ / official Hub?

Hi @DaveMateo,

Thanks for the photos. I use that same hub actually so it should be fine. Please note that the order you connect things is actually very important with iOS (see link below). Also, I recommend you connect your original genuine iPad charger and cable to the USB-C hub and confirm that your iPad is charging.

Recommended connection sequence:

It still doesn’t work. Do you use a pioneer ddj sz (not natively supported)?

@DaveMateo ah yes, that’s the problem! Sorry, for some reason I mistakenly read your post as SR. The SZ is not supported on iOS, only on macOS and Windows. I suspect this controller is not USB Class Compliant so it requires drivers and cannot be used with iOS.

So there’s nothing I can do? What a pity… . You should notice it on the page more clearly. Since it’s compatible with Mac, anyone would think it could be mapped…

This is a limitation of the hardware itself and would need to be changed by Pioneer. Given this hardware is nearly 10 years old, I doubt that will happen. If you want to learn more, do a quick Google search for class compliant MIDI controllers and iOS. Unfortunately, nothing can be done on the software side of things to fix this. Sorry for the confusion, but our hardware compatibility page clearly shows that the Pioneer DDJ-SZ is not on the iOS compatibility list.

Ok. Thanks.

You’re welcome @DaveMateo. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.

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