DDJ-SZ is not working as audio out in DJ Pro 2, but it still is found as a MIDI

Pioneer DDJ-SZ is not recognized as an audio output, but works as a MIDI. The audio is only coming through the Macbook Pro, although the FX from the SZ still go out the master channel of the mixer. I have updated the drivers for the SZ too. Is the SZ busted?

Hi Cameron,

I am sorry to hear that.
Which exact djay version are you using?
Also is it possible that you selected another midi mapping in the midi mapping window?

Hi Cameron,

please check your Audio Device settings and make sure the SZ 2 is selected as Master and Pre Cueing Device.

I am using DJ Pro 2.
I also installed Serrato to see if there was an issue with the internal sound card for the SZ, but after installing the proper drivers, the SZ works as it should using Serrato.
When using DJ Pro 2, the audio only comes through the computer in internal sound mode. It doesn’t even give me the option to choose an external source with the SZ plugged in.