DDJ-WeGO 4 incapable of modulating FX using jog wheel

On my friend’s DDJ-WeGO 1, this problem does not exist. It only exists on my WeGO 4, which is shitty because the WeGO 4 is significantly newer and should not have this be a problem. I thought an update might change things here, but I haven’t seen it. 

I created a video to describe the issue. The jog wheel with the WeGO 1 changes the dry/wet or “amount” of an FX when it is activated. However, on the WeGO 4, the jog wheel only operates as a Scratch. With the WeGO 1, there are two different values for the jog wheel: 

  1. If the jog wheel is used without any FX, it can be used to move the track progress/add scratching to the song
  2. If the jog wheel is used with FX, the jog wheel modulates the amount that FX play in the song. 
    I don’t have access to my friend’s WeGO 1 to create a video showing how well that one works, I only have my WeGO 4 that has a significantly downgraded functionality. Modulating FX with the jog wheel was intuitive and worked well. Now, it’s glitchy, and doesn’t work nearly as well. Here’s my video: