DDJ WeGo and DJC WeCAi problems with iPad mini

In the djay app for iPad, it states that the DDJ WeGo is compatible with the connection of the DJC WeCAi through an Apple Camera Connection cable. After further evaluation, the prompt below has come up every single time.

Hi Eugene,

Thank you very much for contacting us.

What are you using as power source for the DDJ-WeGo?

Please see here:

it does work - update the firmware on the wego!


firmware needs to be at least 1.08 - which seemed to remove the power restriction.

It can also work without this firmware update if u additionally connect a powered hub to the cck

Be more specific.

Is the camera connection kit a genuine apple one for example…

This should work fine, once you update the firmware as I explain below

It worked for me with Djay. I use the ipad charger though. Also I turn on the Wego after I open djay and it recognizes it. I have both ipad 2 and ipad mini. Haven’t tried Djay 2 yet.

I forgot to say I updated the firmware as well.

I am currently plugging in the red power USB cable to a simple iPhone charger.

I am having the same problem.

Once I updated the firmware it started working for me. Thanks!

Always on my screen usb apparaat asks too much power grrrrrrrrrr it sucks

did everthing day after day after day

After I updated the firmware, it started working for me too!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

How do you update the firmware

if i dont have the genuine apple camera kit doesnt work because i have a clon of the conection kit camera and it says this device is not compatible with this ipad i have the ipad mini 2