DDJ-WeGO Crossfader / Tempo control / Monitor Cue/Mix

Can you try switching to one of the other modes like Classic so see if the tempo faders are displayed when your controller is connected?

I can set it with an ui option

What i can say is, that the sloder does something.
When i am at 0% and slide to Plus, then i works and shows the following:

Please switch to Classic mode with the turn tables and share a screenshot of your entire screen

When i slide now to the other direction (Minus) it slows down until 0%.
When the slider on the controller hits the very end in minus direction then the percentage „wiggles“ around between -0.4 and 0.5%

I searched for this option. I know this is possible on the ipad but did not find for the mac version. There seems to be something not working in the current mac version. Let me check if there is an update since we started this conversation.

Please uninstall your existing version of djay Pro, reboot your Mac, download the latest version 5.1.1 from the App Store and reinstall.

Ok, i am going to do this.
I can see, there is also a new update arrived today in the app store.
Give me some minutes.

Should i have the controller turnes on on installing or off?

Definitely disconnect the controller when installing djay.

Ok, deleted, rebooted and launched again.
Problem is still there :frowning:
I guess the controller does not work with the mac version. There is also no option to switch to classic mode.

Please share a screenshot of your entire djay Pro screen with and without the controller connected.

And this does it look like, when the controller is connected


  1. Please make sure the Mixer icon near the top right is turned ON when your controller is connected.
  2. This should bring back your tempo faders when your hardware is connected.
  3. Once you’ve done this, please try again to move your onscreen tempo faders into the - % direction.

Yes, faders are shown now in Djay Pro but behaviour is the same. Slide Tempo to + works, slide to - doesn‘t.

But i have to revise my statement for the ipad version, the tempo faders behave the same in the ipad version (only + works). So a hardware failure can not be excluded.
Now i am going to download an other DJ software to confirm tempo sliders are working correctly.

I guess we can close the discussion on this topic.
I checked the firmware again. The controller has the latest available firmware installed.
I tried now two other dj tools and every tool has the same behaviour. So this seems to be a hardware issue or an issue with the used OS.
The last thing i am going to try is to install Djay on an old Windows Laptop with Windows 10. If there is the same issue, I am sure that one can assume a hardware error. :frowning:
Then i am going to open the controller do some measurements on this two sliders. But i guess the sliders are ok. There must be something else beeing defect in the controller.

Thank you very very much for the big amount of time you spend for finding a solution on my problem with this controller.

One thing i also found:

@gegy yeah, this really sounds like a hardware issue to me given the same problem exists on other devices and for other users. I’m going to go ahead and close this topic. Sorry we couldn’t get everything working for you.

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I can confirm the hardware issue: Controller also does not work on a windows installation. I also found the repair manual for the controller and did some tests. Both sliders showing issues in the tests. So hardware issue confirmed.