DDJ-WeGO3 and DJAY 2.0 Support


I am looking to purchase the DDJ-WEGO3. I seen a YouTube video showing that this piece of equipment can be hooked up to an Android tablet or device. I also went to pioneers website and got a PDF format of their instruction manual showing the way to set it up. However when I log on to your website at the supported Android devices it doesn’t show that this one is supported on your website. Before I purchased this piece of equipment I would like to know if this is compatible with an Android tablet? I have recently purchased your application and I love it out of all the other dj apps on Android this is the best one. I would love to use this controller with your application. Please let me know if the DDJ-WEGO3 work with DJAY 2.0??

Thank you very much for your time

Hi Vinny,

yes the DDJ-WeGo3 is natively supported by Android, iOS and Mac.
Check out our Hardware website:

Keep it up,
Lukas E.