Can we expect native support for the Pioneer DDJ XP1 anytime soon?

Hey Ole,
I’m trying to do this myself! Any chance you can share your map?
Many thanks!

Thank you! You should be able to use https://filebin.net/

You, my friend, are an absolute hero :). Thank you!!
Can’t wait to give it a try tomorrow.
Is there a reason why there’s two files?

I’ll work it out :). Thanks again! That’s saved me a massive headache!

Just a quick question… Did you manage to map every key (pretty much) like for like? As only some seem to be working, and some such as the FX Level seem to control the jog wheel instead of the FX Level…?
No problem if not, as it’s a great start, but wondered if it’s not set up right on my MacBook…

No problem mate :). I don’t think it’s even possible to map some of the buttons exactly!

Hi Ole,

Thank you for your mail.

The DDJ XP1 is mappable with our midi learn feature.

I also added your post to our user request list, thank you for sharing.

If you have any questions or suggestions, or if you would like further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

Lukas E.

Thank you for replying!

Yes I mapped it myself, it was much easier than i antisipated. Great program!

shure thing! where would i upload it to?

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No problem! Glad to help. One is clled edited. I dont really know witch one is being used unfortunetly. You will just have to find out

Yes, i mapped the fx level for the jog wheel. And the last four buttons is for play/pause and skipping i think. Its not exactly like it would be in record box im afraid. Sorry, should have given you a heads up maybe. I just didnt think of it at the time:/