DDJ400/iPad - Remapping pads? Keyboard/Pad FX1+2/Keyshift


had the DDJ400 approx 1 month now, using with an iPad Pro/Djay Pro. Still figuring out this combo’s potential as online info/tutorials for iPad/DDJ400/Djay Pro users seem sparse.
Which leads me onto the pad functions:

  1. Keyboard - this function seems kinda gimmicky/useless to me so I would like to remap
  2. Pad FX1 - even when active, still currently just a loop function - so can remap
  3. Pad FX2 - Pads 1 & 2 + 7 & 8 just rotate the filter dial left and right so can remap
  4. Key Shift - I wouldn’t use this - so can remap

Question I have is on recommendations for remapping these. Anyone have some good ideas?

I was thinking (if its possible)
1.Keyboard - assign NeuralMix - upper/lower pads to increase/reduce amount (6 pads needed, could assign last 2 to activate/deactivate function)
2.Pad FX 1 & 2 - assign 16 of the best FX’s shortcuts to these buttons
3.KeyShift - Unsure what to do with these pads - any ideas?

Feel free to correct/advise as appropriate, I’m still figuring out this set up - is the above even possible? Would I be missing out on anything by remapping these?

Also - when I view the Midi Mapping in preferences - the controls are marked as “Notes” etc - is there a Djay Pro/DDJ400 visual reference available illustrating which “Note” relates to which button so I can start remapping? A lot of them are currently set to unconfigured.



I have remapped the pads on my controller for NeuralMix, Instant FX, Hot Cues/Loop Cue and the first 16 samples (using a shift layer) of the Looper. See below.

For NeuralMix the top row is for Mute/Unmute of the Drums, Harmony and Vocals. The Bottom row is to Solo them. I also have a toggle button on the top right pad to switch my EQ knobs between Normal to NeuralMix.

I have also recently put in a suggestion to Algoriddim to allow midi mapping the Pad Mode buttons to switch the DJay screen display state to the NeuralMix, FX, Hot Cues and Looper when pressed. This way you don’t have to manually change the screen display state using the touch screen.

Hope that helps :grin:

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Nice work! This is exactly what I was looking for. I love the NeuralMix pad set up you’ve suggested.

I have Hot Cues pre-assigned to the pads on the DDJ400 so I’ll skip these but Loop Cue’s would be great - I’m not familiar with them but I’m assuming these jump you to user preset loops in the track?

So I’ll assign NeuralMix, Instant FX 1 & 2 and Looper to the pads (using shift layer for all)

I’m guessing your on a different controller so unable to share these settings? Can anyone recommend a tutorial on how to remap pads for an iPad Pro/DDJ400 set up using Djay Pro?



Glad I could help. Yeah I’m using a different controller so my midi mapping will be useless to you. The Midi Mapping is super easy in DJay though. Just copy/duplicate the default mapping and make changes to the copy. If you mess anything up you can always go back to the default.

Basically you press the button that you want to map then search the list for the function you want to assign it to. My suggestion is to map one button at a time, save the mapping and then test it out to make sure it’s working correctly before mapping another button. Good luck and have fun :grin:

Cheers - When I hold Shift and Hot Cue to go into Keyboard mode on the pads - none of the pads will then trigger the Midi Mapping so that I can change functions - any DDJ400 users here who can advise?

This might depend on how the shift function is implemented in the firmware.