DDJ400 Neural Mix

Pre-sales question. I’m looking at either a DDJ200 or 400 - I like the look of the 400 better, but can you properly map the Neural Mix controls onto the equaliser knobs?

i’ve just tried for you :
first i tried to remap shift-knobs to keep high-mid-low and have shift-knobs for neural controls
but unhopefully this does not work…
so you can remap the basic knobs functions to Neural Mix…but you loose the source function…

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So if I don’t want high/med/low I can use those for Neuralmix? That sounds like exactly what I want. I was looking at the DDJ 200 but I don’t like the lack of audio out. 40-something, just learning Dj-ing for something to do, but I’ve always been massively into dance and hiphop. I’m having an excellent time just with djay on the iPad.

yes you can remap the high-mid-low knobs as you wish
i’ve upgraded from ddj200 to ddj400 : yeah it’s better in all features, more knobs, better pads (less noisy), audio output and cueing, etc …, more professionnal device :slight_smile:

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I think I’ve made my decision. Thanks for your help!

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I went from DDJ200 to DDJ400.

Seemed to be already mapped.

You can use both Neural and EQ on the knob control, but not at the same time. You have to toggle between the two on the iPad screen but it’s manageable.

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Also, and controversial, the sound quality was better from the 200. Probably as the iPad is doing all the work.

yeah that’s great, you can also assign a button of the DDJ400 to switch the Neural mix mode of the knobs!

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Really? Even though the output is mono rather than stereo if you use headphones?