Decent way of using 2 channels on an external mixer with djay?

Has anyone come across a decent way of running 2 separate channels from djay into 2 channels on an external mixer like you can with traktor using the traktor audio 2. As the traktor audio 2 is not compatible with djay I am having to use the griffin splitter but the levels are different between the main out and the cue, also, both volumes are very low meaning that I am having to turn the gains on the mixer right up.

Hi Will,

The volume levels when using a split cable should be identical on both main and pre-cueing output. Please tap the gear icon to open the settings. Is the pre-cueing volume turned all the way up?

If you’re looking for an external audio interface, we recommend the Griffin DJ Connect:…

Does the Griffin DJ connect have 2 output channels? Are they stereo?

Dont use the djconnect! It’s full of static and sounds terible!